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Jul 10, 2015

London Event – Wednesday 24 June 2015

Aglae Touchard le drian

Dear W*I*T*H Friends,

W*I*T*H hosted our most recent event last week in London, attended by about 25 women. It was lovely to see everyone and have a chance to catch up before the summer.

From the lively conversation throughout the evening, we believe everyone thoroughly enjoyed the discussion with our friends from the [European Investment Fund] and the Big White Wall about social impact investing. We all learned how compelling it can be to invest for profit while making a positive impact on society. The two social impact examples we heard about were truly intriguing, inspiring a lively exchange of ideas that continued throughout the evening.

  • An online, social media site, monitored by clinical professionals, to help people facing mental health challenges — where people can exchange insights and seek guidance in an anonymous and convenient way, without having to wait months for, or pending, an NHS referral
  • Providing funds needed to provide medical and psychological assessments to facilitate adoption placements for difficult to place children needing a home — helping these children to have a better life while saving funds for the councils who pay for their care prior to adoption.

Many thanks to PA Consulting for sponsoring the evening.

We are so pleased to have been able to offer this fascinating discussion a year after our last event, which featured Dr. Turi King, the archaeologist and geneticist who identified the remains of Richard III.

We hope you agree with us that W*I*T*H offers a unique and valuable platform for us all. We hope you will support us by subscribing as members so we can continue these wonderful activities — we need your support!  Membership application details are attached — we know it’s a busy time for everyone but please do follow through!

Enjoy the summer everyone — details to follow soon about our next event in September in Boston.


The Board of W*I*T*H